⁌ danny / myers ⁍
nonbinary trans man (he/they/it)
29 y/o (1991) white bisexual
disabled & mentally ill artist
a disease makes me watch scary movies wrong

welcome to my slice of the internet! i'm a simple internet user who was raised on horror media and i prefer to ghost around online; this page is my small bio for social media use. my name is daniel but you can just call me danny. i'm currently living in the hellscapes of arizona, USA with my two pets, a perfect black cat named lovebug and a juvenile bearded dragon named canach. i'm in a longterm relationship with my best friend julian and have been since 2014! <3

from time to time i like to produce digital art, but in my free time i'm usually chilling and killing on dead by daylight or guild wars 2, reading or watching various spooky media and otherwise getting on everyone's nerves. i also like to collect vintage my little ponies (G1-G3) and i'm obsessed with paleontology! i'm very shy but i like to make friends and talk to people, so don't be afraid to say hello, i don't usually bite.

twitter @DYINGSTATE / private twit (mutuals only) @ATONEMENTCAGE
ask for discord or game tags

before you follow or interact:
nazis, racists, terfs/truscum, homophobes, biphobes, transphobes, pedos, pro ship/anti-anti, etc. get that block. i don't waste my time with discourse and i don't humor debate from these kinds of people.

my accounts are 18+ only unless i've given direct permission otherwise!

i cannot reliably trigger tag but i do my best steering clear of common triggers! however if you're uncomfortable with blood/gore i recommend not following me just in case.

if you're hostile towards or uncomfortable around people w/ aspd (antisocial personality disorder) or did (dissociative identity disorder), do not follow or interact with me. i talk about these topics occasionally (mostly in private) and i don't have time for people who are going to get caught up in their feelings about this or project onto me. polite questions are okay and welcome! just don't ask me weird invasive shit.

i have epilepsy - please don't send or link me to any videos with intense flashing or strobing without a warning!